Saturday, 12 June 2010

The World Cup - A girls eye view

I don't profess to know much about football, or The World Cup for that matter, but for the past decade, I have lived with an avid self proclaimed football fanatic.

My man really does know his stuff, so how could I not have picked up a thing or two over the years?

This is my view of England's World Cup bid.. Enjoy!

Now ladies, If you are looking for your 'ideal' man you are unlikely to find him here, lets break it down.

Looks: There aren't too many 'beautiful' footballers about at the the moment, unfortunately. We seem to be in the land of fairy tales with the likes of Wayne 'Shrek' Rooney and Peter 'Giant' Crouch.

Talent: Undeniably, there are some mega talented lads in the team. Unfortunately, a few of them are a little selfish - too many big heads rivalling for top dog, which is a shame. They play well individually but seem to lack that true team spirit that would take them far in this type of competition.

Personality: Girls, if you're looking for this then look elsewhere, 'cause you've just lucked out completely!

Money: If this is what you want in a man, then take your pick. Don't be put off by the majority of them being married, they sure as hell aren't.

Right now down to business.

With the sad news that Nelson Mandela's great granddaughter, 13 year old Zenani was killed in a drunken road traffic accident while returning home from the pre-world cup concert and South African opera singer, Siphiwo Ntshebe, who died form meningitis mere weeks before he was due to perform at the opening ceremony, this World Cup seems to be a little doomed.

When you add to this the bad luck that the England team itself have received, you can't help but wonder what's next?

First, there was David Beckham, who's last ever World Cup chances were dashed when he tore his Achilles tendon while playing for his current club AC Milan. Then came the news that central defender Rio Ferdinand damaged his knee ligament when involved in a tackle with striker Emile Heskey during training.

With injury worries rife among the England team, many of whom have recently overcome groin strain, it does seem that England have a somewhat 'thrown together' team.

So can we really win?

Well, we have some strong competition and there are always the 'upsets' when an unlikely team go through.
This year however, I'm doubtful we can go all the way.

I would love nothing more then 2010 to be the year that tops 1966 and maybe I'll be proven wrong.

All I can say now is, COME ON ENGLAND, we are all routing for you.

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