Thursday, 24 June 2010

Dearest Drew

When I'm down, you have to be strong. That's how we work.
When you are down, I will pick up the slack. It's the only way we can get through the days.

We finish each others sentences. We think the same things. We know each other, we love each other.

The kids are the icing on the cake.  I could not think of a better father from them then you.
They adore you, worship the ground you walk on.

We are so very proud of all that you have overcome. We love you.

We have our ups and downs, like everyone else. We struggle the daily struggle, like everyone else.
We grow stronger. Each and every passing day.

Nothing can beat us. We will get through this, like we get through everything else.

The nights are long, the days longer. Grueling, complicated, demanding and forlorn.
But we can do this. Together. We are stronger then I could ever have imagined.

I love you and all (well, most..) of your quirks. Your wittiness, your charm and your personality.

Put simply. I. Adore. You.



  1. Love you too baby.

    Thankyou for nice wordy things. Made me blush.

    Love you always.