Sunday, 20 June 2010

The birthday blog

I have just turned another year older. Another year wiser. Another year closer to 30.

Birthday's aren't special anymore. Not once you hit those magical 'Tween' years.

It's just another year. Another day of your life that can suck as much as the last.

How do you get that magic back? Is it even possible to feel that excited child-like feeling ever again?

I guess my birthday being on the date it is, is usually overshadowed by other things, Father's Day and England footy matches, for instance... This year it was also on a Thursday. Thursday's aren't great, are they?

Don't get me wrong, I had a nice meal out at one of our local pubs with Drew and the 4 kids.

They bought me a lovely little 'Mummy' necklace.

The big girls made me cards and drew me pictures. I got lots of extra hugs and kisses from them all.

It's just that it feels like anyother day. Same old housework to do, same old routine, same crap, different day. 

I'm glad I shared this 'day' with my family. Even if it was just another day.

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