Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Dearest Family..

The end of an era is upon us

Ten year... Ten years it's been since we met.
A decade of ups and downs, hugs and kisses. A decade of love and war, weakness and strength.

10years of you, of me, of us.

Four children. Three beautiful daughters and a handsome son. Our child bearing days are now over.
It's scary. It's all gone so fast.

Finished are the days of sterilized bottles and making formula feeds.

Come October, we will celebrate our last ever 1st birthday.

Where have the days gone? The years have disappeared through the cracks in this imperfect world.

Our hopes and dreams have got lost along the way, our journey - haphazard.

We have arrived at the same destination. Together and stronger then ever.

I wanted to get married this year.
To end our first 10years on a high, having done all of the ground work. Start our next ten years as a fully formed unit.

A building block to our 'new-look' future together.

We are no longer forming a family, we are now shaping one.

Our beautiful, loving, wonderful family.

2010 is the end of an era.

I can't wait to start a new decade, a new life, a new era with you, and our gorgeous children.

Here's to the next ten years together. Full of hope, happiness, fulfilment, love and trust.

I love you all.