Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Following on from my previous blog post: Regaining Myself, this is week 1, or ground zero..

This is going to be a kind of mish/mash of inspirational and motivational thoughts, quotes, musings and photos for the coming week, feel free to add your own ideas. I think I'm going to need all the help I can get!

This photo was taken by my lovely hubby to be, Drew, in June 2009. It was at my brother in law's wedding and our girls were bridesmaids.(L-R Ashley, me, Bailey and Lauryn) I was 5months pregnant with Che.
We are sitting in the long grass in the church yard while photos were being taken of the bride and groom.
The girls were all incredibly well behaved and a true credit to us both.
I like this photo, not just because it is one of the few I have with me and my girls (I'm usually behind the camera) but because it shows how beautiful they are. And it gives me emmense hope that when we get married they will be every bit as happy and proud as our bridesmaids as they were for their Uncle.

(Photo taken by me, on a family holiday to Centre Parcs, Norfolk in May 2009)

"The happiest people are those who think the most interesting thoughts. Those who decide to use leisure as a means of mental development, who love good music, good books, good pictures, good company, good conversation, are the happiest people in the world. And they are not only happy in themselves, they are the cause of happiness in others."
William Lyon Phelps

"A person will be just about as happy as they make up their minds to be"
Abraham Lincoln

Other things that make me happy:

McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) and McSteamy (Eric Dane)Grey's Anatomy. My new fave TV show. I have only just discovered Grey's, but I'm hooked. The obvious 'man-candy' helps! I'm desparate for season 5 to be released on DVD in England.

Mack Garehardt (Max Martini) from The Unit.
I LOVED the show, absolutely brilliant, and was very sad
to see it end. I own the DVD boxsets and they are fab!
I also like to think that Drew is my very own Mack!!

My gorgeous children!
(Clockwise L-R Bailey, Ashley, Lauryn and Che)
This is the very first photo that I managed to snap of all 4 of them together. It's not perfect, but you can see all of their beautiful faces!

This is my wonderful partner (@AndyHead02). Seen here with Lauryn and Ashley.

His family call him Andrew, his friends call him Andy, (or Heady!)
I call him Drew.
We have been together for 10years. We met back in 2000 when I was just 18, and he was 24. The rest, as they say is history!
I love him very much and I'm so proud of him and everything he has overcome.                                                                                            
He's an amazing father to our four children, a fantastic uncle to all of our nieces and nephews and a wonderful 'brother in law' to my sisters.
In short, he's 'The One'


  1. I love that photo of your 4 girls! just gorgeous.

  2. Thank you! (The baby (Che) is a boy by the way) ;-)

  3. Love you too. To the sky and back. xxx