Tuesday, 18 May 2010

It's not you, it's me..

This weeks Gallery prompt is 'Self Portrait'

My full name is (and please don't laugh)
Kerry-Anne Francis Patricia Elizabeth Lewis
I am 27 years old.
This is me...

This is me as a daughter.
This was taken on Mother's Day in 2008 with my mum, Jane.

This is me as a 'wife'.
I'm seen here with my fiance, Drew.
We've been together for an entire decade!

This is me as a mother.
These are my 4 children, Lauryn, Che, Bailey and Ashley.
This was taken at our Halloween party (obviously!) Che was 11 days old.

This is me (standing in the doorway) playing host to my family.

This photo shows me with my 2 younger sisters, Emma and Vikki, my mum, Jane and step father Chris.

This was taken on new years eve 2009 at my house. I live in a tiny 2bedroomed terrace house with Drew and the 4 children (and 2 cats!) It's a squeeze. However, I often play host to my family. On this occasion there were 15 people in my living room having a 'Beatles Rock Band' party!

This is me as a sister.
My 15year old sister Sammie stays with me a lot. She is probably to most like me of all of my sisters.

These are photos of me as a friend. On a very rare night out. Having an awesome time, I might add!

This is me as a 'fund raiser'  Taken at Race for Life with one of my best friends, Andie. We raised £753 for Cancer Research UK. I was 7 months pregnant with Che when this was taken.
This is me as an 'artist'
It's not a great painting, but it was one of my first and I'm quite proud of it!
This is me as 'fun Mum' playing football in the park with the kids!

This is ME.
 With my wonderful family. Taken just before Christmas 2009. (as I'm sure you maybe able to guess!) Ashley (sitting) Lauryn (standing) Me with 6week old Che, Drew and Bailey.


  1. Lovely series of photos showing you in all your many roles! Great to meet you!

  2. Gorgeous! So lovely to see so many sides of you! (all very beautiful I might add!)


  3. Awesome photos! You've done a very similar thing to me! Ace :D

  4. Lovely photos. I love the 'story' that goes with it. I did that approach too. Sounds like you live in similar cramped conditions - we are a family of five in a three bedroomed terrace. It is a squeeze!

  5. Really nice way of doing it - all the different roles you play. Really nice pics too!

  6. Great photos. I love your name too...so how do people call you?

  7. Thank you all for your comments and for having a look at this post! You are all too kind.

    Mirka, I am usually just referred to as 'Kerry' or 'Kerry-Anne' if I've been naughty ;-) x