Saturday, 7 August 2010

Potatoes are made from sheep..

I'm stressing that I haven't even begun to pack for our week long trip to Kent.
We leave on Monday, and I have yet to get the cases down from the attic!

I decided that a very quick, trashy dinner would do for the kids and served up some sausages and Alphabites.
The kids all love Alphabites, they love to spell their names out on their plates, so who am I to argue?
It's an educational dinner, right?

Then it happened. Out of the blue, the 5 year old turns to me and says
"What's this made from?"
Holding up a half eaten Alphabite.
I reply with

"Yeah, but what is it?"
"Yes Mum, I know, but what's it really made of? Is it sheep?"
"Is this made of sheep?"
"Huh? No!It's potato!"
"But it's white and fluffy"
"That's what potatoes look like!"
She turns to her sister, and mutters
"Ah, so it is sheep!"

Me *sharp intake of breath, closes open mouth and walks away in disbelief*