Monday, 16 August 2010


Following on from my last blog post, you will know that I'd received some nasty comments from an 'Anonymous' person, who is apparently a parent of a child who goes to my children's school.

This person obviously doesn't know me very well, judging my their comments.

I do not seek public approval. Or approval from anyone in fact.
I will gladly take criticism, when it is due.

If this person was so very concerned about mine or my children's behaviour, why write an anonymous comment? Why not come and see me face to face? Or send me a message?

Clearly this person has some kind of distorted view of me and my family. And I would be more then happy to discus any genuine concerns that this person may have.

I am a good person, and a good mother. I have nothing to hide. I do not claim to be perfect.
These are the messages sent to me by this person.

Fed very well? Isn't it you who is always tweeting about feeding your baby cocktail sausages and burgers? Full of salt? Which you aren't supposed to include in any child's diet under the age of 1 year!?
Wotsits as a breakfast staple?
4 types of carbs in one meal - what was it? Wedges, pasta, yorkshire puddings, and I forget the other. Again, all processed crap.
No food in the house when you return from holidays.
I sit, aghast, reading your tweets and wonder how long it will be before one of them ends up with kidney failure
Now just to point out that the above comment is partly true. Although, this would of course assume that I never home make any of my children's meals.

I did indeed tweet last week while on holiday about Wotsists being a breakfast staple. This was not a literal statement. I do not let my children eat Wotsists for breakfast. They had already had cereal and toast that morning, but had been up very early and were hungry again and asked for a bag of the aforementioned crisps.

Again, 'Anon' was correct in saying that I provided several types of carbs in one meal. However, this was not for all of my children, this was for the baby, who at 9months old is still getting to grips with weaning and prefers 'proper' food as apposed to pureed. I had given him lots of different things (not just carbs) to try at this particular meal time to see what he liked. All but the pasta was homemade I might add.

The 'No food in the house following holiday' tweet was again correct. This did only refer to me as I am on a diet and my other half hadn't shopped for my diet. The children were very well catered for.

Another comment from this person:

Not printing my acurate comments though hey Kerry.
Hum, no I don't post on just anyone's blogs, just people whose kids go to my kids' school and whose behaviour I am very concerned about.
I couldn't 'unfollow' you as I am not on Twitter, just managed to track you down on here as you are very easy to find - desperate for public approval, and eager to comment on others' behaviour but unable to take criticism when it is deserved. You have admitted it is deserved by not printing my previous comments.

While some of your comments were accurate, they were not in context.

Oh and just so you know, I do not sit at the computer all day, the wonderful thing about technology is that you can keep up with the world on the move. Handy little things, iPhone's and the like are.. It means I can post updates from where ever I am, be it the park, a holiday site, or my home. It literally takes seconds and I can do this while getting on with my daily routines.

Like I said, I have nothing to hide, I do my best, like all mothers.
And like I often say, I'm not perfect, who is?
I give my children the odd sweet and bag of crisps. I let them watch cartoons and play video games. I even buy them McDonald's every now and then. And hell while I'm at it, I'll admit that I drive a people carrier, I don't grow my own veggies and my tumble dryer is on most days regardless of the weather..


  1. Someone is obviously bored if they follow you just for the purposes of sniping anonymously. I wonder what their kids are up to whilst they're busy sharpening their knives at you online? Ignore the witch and she'll dribble back to anonymity where she feels safe.

  2. What about the salt in your baby's diet?

  3. Yes I am guilty of letting my 9month old baby try some cocktail sausages. And guess what? He's still alive and his kidneys are functioning perfectly!

    I do not add salt into anything that I cook for the children or for the adults come to think of it!

    My children in general have a healthy diet, and have lots of exercise and fun.

    I would rather have my son eat something rather then relying on milk at his age, which would also be damaging to his health.

    Our health visitor and our doctor are fully aware of my son's eating behaviour and neither are worried about it.

    And just to put your mind at rest, as you clearly think that I pour salt down my child's throat.. In the past few weeks he is now eating a whole range of fruit and vegetables and family meals just like his older sisters.

    You obviously have some kind of personal grudge against me, and that's fine, I can take that, dispite the fact that you don't have the courage to tell me who you are or speak to me face to face. What I do have a problem with is you reading this blog and stalking me on Twitter/Facebook or where ever and judging my parenting skills when you clearly don't know me well enough to take my comments in their true context.

  4. I cannot believe Anonymous! Whoever the hell you are, have the balls to show your face instead of posting spiteful, judgmental comments about someone who is raising 4 lovely children and doing a damn good job of it too. You obviously dont know Kerry at all. What a cowardly thing to do, if you had half an ounce of conviction in what YOU are saying, why hide it behind an "anonymous" mask ?!! Kind of contradictory to the points you are making, isn't it ?!!

  5. Kerry, you have no need to justify yourself to this person. The only people who have the right to judge your parenting ability are your children and they are testiment to the wonderful, loving mother that you are. I know you. I have known you from old. You have always been the honest, caring person that I know and love and your children are beautiful, healthy and very very happy. X

  6. I am just catching up on your past posts hon and I am gobsmacked!!! I hope this spineless fool has never pestered you since. How dare someone judge. You obviously have 4 perfectly healthy children and anyone who claims to feed their children nothing but homemade salt free non processed food every meal every day of their lives is a liar. The guidelines of no salt no sugar for the first year are there as a 'guideline' for people who would feed them tonnes of it. Everything in moderation does no harm. You keep doing what you are doing and doing it as well as you so obviously do. Still gobsmacked. xxx